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HANDKERCHIEF SIZE 80x80|90x90|100x100

Large-sized scarves offer numerous styling options. Wrap them around your shoulders or wear them on your head. Additionally, a large-sized scarf can be worn as a bandeau top.

Rectangle 23914.png
Rectangle 23915.png
Rectangle 23916.png
Rectangle 23917.png
Rectangle 23918.png
Rectangle 23919.png
Rectangle 23920.png
Rectangle 23921.png

SCARF SIZE 55x55 | 60x60

The medium size is perfect for exploring various styling ideas. Wrap it around your neck, wear it around your waist, or accessorize your hair with it.

Rectangle 23922.png
Rectangle 23923.png
Rectangle 23926.png
Rectangle 23927.png
Rectangle 23924.png
Rectangle 23925.png
Rectangle 23929.png
Rectangle 23928.png
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