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A creative team of women who have come together to fulfill a common dream - to create something that unites Ukrainian women and emphasizes their independence, individuality, tenderness, and sophistication.


In 2019, we founded the Ukrainian brand Latona. Since then, our team has been involved in the development and tailoring of our own design scarves and Twilly ribbons, which add brightness to both romantic and business images. In 2022, we took a step towards the male audience - thus, we introduced silk pashmina scarves for men.


When forming and creating new collections, we always track modern fashion trends and rely on our own sense of style. During the existence of the brand, we have presented basic and patriotic collections - Identification, Rain, Lines, Eucalyptus & Protea, Avangard & Magnolia, Sribna, Gravity, Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!, Unbreakable, Glory and Freedom, Ornament, Together to Victory!, Blossoming Country.


Our scarves and twilly are made only from natural Italian silk and cotton, and certified dyes are used for printing.


The Latona brand will continue to adhere to its basic and patriotic direction in the design of scarves, Twilly, and men's pashmina scarves. We work every day to contribute to the development of Ukraine, creating new jobs and assisting the Armed Forces.


With faith in our victory!

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