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The Ukrainian Wildflowers... Symbol of our nation's eternal freedom.

The Ukrainian wildflowers. It holds the joy, inspiration, and beauty of the whole world.

The ears of grain tremble, chamomiles, poppies, and dandelions sway in the breeze. Look closely — and you'll see the lively life buzzing in the flowers — bees gathering nectar, taking off from the sunlit petals, tiny insects bustling about in their tasks. Sweetly scented with honey — a variety of fragrances converging into a unique aroma that you'll remember for a lifetime.

Entering the wildflowers, inhaling the scents and delicate tenderness of the wildflowers, you gain peace, confidence, and strength to live, as if you're being filled with the purity and goodness of this beauty.

Currently, the Ukrainian wildflowers, along with its people, cities, and villages, is going through challenging times. The heart aches with pain for our land. We believe that we will endure the struggle and revive the life and nature of our Motherland.

The field is one of the most significant points of attraction for our nation, an essential component of our national identity. We have dedicated this collection to the Ukrainian field — majestic, native, and the most beautiful in the world.

Wildflowers The boundless blue

  • Size:

    • 60 x 60 cm
    • 90 x 90 cm

    Material: 100% Italian silk

    Design:   author's design by Julia Kushnir

    Made in Ukraine

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