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The collection is conceived as a combination of the contemporary and the past. It evokes memories of the comfort and tranquility that filled our childhood and nourish us in adulthood. The iconic theme of the collection is the beautifully woven flowers gathered into a wreath. You will surely recognize them. They are part of the nation's code. These intertwining of delicate, bright, fragrant roses, periwinkles, bluebells, and mallows are close to every Ukrainian. It will touch your heart and evoke a thoughtful smile, making you want to touch them. The flowers seem alive, as if they preserve the warmth from an ancient grandmother's embroidered towel.

Flowers Dark Violet

  • Size:

    •  60 x 60 cm
    •  90 x 90 cm

     Material: 100% Italian silk

     Design:   author's design by Julia Kushnir

     Made in Ukraine

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