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This design is a chronicle of global support for the Ukrainian people. We created the "Thanks for standing with Ukraine" scarf as a testimony of gratitude to the international community for their assistance in the fight against aggression. 

When our homeland was on the brink of disaster under the onslaught of a fierce enemy, it turned out that we have many faithful friends. Dozens of countries around the world perceived the threat to Ukraine's independence as a challenge to freedom and democracy. 

The will to stand together against the enemy is capable of creating miracles. Together with the countries that support us, we are gradually breaking the spine of the insatiable monster. 

Undoubtedly, Victory for Ukraine lies ahead. But not tomorrow. Victory requires overcoming a path filled with unbearably painful events and unprecedented strain. And the assistance of friendly countries from all over the globe will help shorten and simplify this path. This means saving many Ukrainian lives.

 Gratitude will always live in our hearts.

Thanks for standing with Ukraine

  • Size:

    •  60 x 60 cm
    •  80 x 80 cm

     Material: 100% Italian silk

     Design:   author's design by Julia Kushnir

     Made in Ukraine

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